Network Support


MaxxSourceMaxxSource's networking service offerings include configure, install, support and training of specific network protocols (hardware and software). We deliver both wired and wireless (Wi-Fi) networks from the conceptual stage to a fully operational stage.


  • Strategic Planning - Our team of experts participate with the customer in defining the strategies to be adopted for Networking and provides the required input to ensure that it meets their requirement.
  • LAN/WAN Services - We provide installation, maintenance, administration, and management of all types of networks. Including design, security management, and licensing of all software.
  • Wi-Fi Networks - We offer Wi-Fi implementation which allows local area networks (LANs) to be deployed without wires for client devices, typically reducing the costs of network deployment and secure expansion. These networks also ensure computer mobility.


With MaxxSource you can rest assured that your network will be configured for maximum performance, stability, and security.


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